Everyone, no matter who you are has some sort of education.  Be it formal, informal, on the job or life in general we are all educated some way or another.

I am about to embark on a new educational journey.  Before I set out I thought it maybe interesting to reflect back on how I got here.

Well enough can’t be written about what education takes place before anyone starts their formal schooling. Our families, parents, siblings and extend family play key roles in our development or under development. All of these things are beyond our control it’s really luck of the draw.  Even so, as an adult now wouldn’t it be cool to be a kid again!

Our first steps into our formal education is elementary/ grade school.  This is when everyone loves school.  Fond memories for sure.  One of the coolest things I can remember is being in school and a massive thunder and lighting storm hit.  We were not allowed to go outside for recess because of this storm.

As I sit here I can see the sky.  It was as dark as midnight (at least it always has been in my memories).  Chain lighting was streaking across the sky and striking the harbour.  It was just amazing to watch. To this date I enjoy watching similar displays of nature.

From elementary school we moved up the hill to the immense Jr High School.  It wasn’t really immense, wasn’t even big really when it comes to Jr High Schools but try to tell that to someone come out of Grade 6 who was at the top of the food chain.

When it comes to Jr High School….well the only thing I can say is thank god it’s over.

We move from Jr High to High School to even a bigger school with even more people.  High school is where one starts to really learn how to be who they will become.  High school has enough people that you can find someone that is like you, similar interests and backgrounds.  No one really likes High School everyone is eager to get it done and move on.  But you know what it wasn’t all that bad.

Some of us move on to University, others start to live and work while others just never grow up.

University/trades school/speciality training, they are all the same but all so different.  Reflecting back I come to realize that one never stops educating one self. And, there is no truly stupid people in the world.  Lots of lazy people who would choose not to think and appear to be stupid.  Never under estimate someone.

I have learned that everyone learns in a different way.  It’s our job to find out how we are best educated.

Learning never stops.

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