Now the second step…

So the first step has been taken and so far so good.

Everything I have read said it would be easy. It was very easy setting it up once you decided on some minor factors things like a hosting site, theme and general details.

The two hardest things have been figuring out a good name and deciding on the commentary.  The name, well that’s done.  MTBSYDNEY comes from my love of mountain biking and my local area.  MTB is a common abbreviation for a mountain biking.  I have used the handle before in forums and felt that it was a good start.   I simply followed the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) It’s hard to be witty all the time!

When it comes to one’s commentary on life I think one is much better off letting it flow and have a conversion.  Develop a discussion and the commentary will flow.

I am presently sitting in a Cafe in Oromocto listening to a live jam session.

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