My first Blog Post

11 Feb 2010 22:00 Hrs

So… As I sit here I have so many different thoughts, feelings, concerns and worries over taking my first steps into the world of blogging.

As I do my research into this area of the internet I find I am definitely not alone. But like anything you must first crawl before you can walk and it’s best to master walking before you start to run.

There are so many questions as I embark on this journey. What is my destination? How do I get there? How in the hell do I do it? Where will I get the time to do it? And these are only the tip of the provable ice berg. I have had lot of reflection on who I am over the last couple of years and I am still searching for the answer. Can writing help me?

It can’t hurt!

The whole idea for a blog came to me as I was driving home from New Brunswick. I was listening to a Podcast and they were talking about blogging and other tech topics. What can I say they sold me on the idea. As I enter the next part of my life maybe I want to write about it. Not this is the first time I have attempted to document what I have seen and experienced.

I have made my living on recording events that have happened around me. These records reflected in a dry and analytical manner, void of emotion and creative energy. I have always taken pride in producing thoughts, so this should be a natural extension, shouldn’t it.

I have written before for my own benefit an only sharing my thoughts with a very select few. I have drawn and enjoyed creating images. Time to get back to that part of me.

I feel this is the point that I recite my Mission Statement, let you know, as the reader what well be produced as part of this blog.

My goal is to develop my own personal writing style, to embrace creativity and find my place in the world.

Not to ambitious…

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